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Our team is experienced in OEM projects start from prototyping, procurement, manufacturing, testing, packaging, and distribution.

From ideas to reality, we help our customer to prepare prototype of all scale from PCB only to product sample*.
With following information complete, we can give you a quote within 2 working days.
  • Bill of materials – please download our quotation kits for our preferred formats and field of information.
  • Gerber file- please refer to gerber format requirement
  • XYRS data for machine mounted component
*quantity of 60 or below
  components sourcing & procurement
Having problem with the components? Aiketon provides full suite solutions upon your requirements. Our supplier network consists of distributors, traders, manufacturers and sourcing agents which cover various categories and regions. Customer could benefit from our sourcing service in the following ways:

Low volume procurement
We know how difficult it is to deal with many vendors, especially it is not worth to do it just for so low quantity. In Aiketon, we are able to lower the extra cost by allocating components in our own stock as well as world-renowned traders.

Price competiveness

Electronics industry is extremely diversified. No one could guarantee getting the best prices for all components. In practice, our customer is already offered a contract price on those core components specifically made to the industry. We, on the other hand, bring customer extra benefit on the generic components. With constant high-volume procurement routine, we are granted exclusively low prices on all generic parts which are only available upon high-quantity order.

Urgent inventory
Electronics market is a fast-changing market. Components supply always fall behind the instant need. How about if you urgently need an IC but it is on allocation? You have the following options:
  1. delay the production line.
  2. buy from global IC traders at rates 10 times of usual price
  3. Source from B2S website, buy the IC from an anonymous supplier who claims he has stock in Antigua Guatemala.
all the above could cost you extra money, company creditability or may lead to a lawsuit.

Therefore you need a trusted partner with strong/ exclusive network that could access not only from the market supply but also the stock of private companies.
Aiketon is one of those can be counted on.

  material management
In Aiketon, you could enjoy total inventory management/ support to your assembly projects. It ranges from procurement, component delivery to factory as well as stocking and maintaining. constant records & summary will be offered to provide timely information.

Now you could concentrate more on your core business development.
  component assembly
Our assembly capability includes:
  • Machine SMT & Through-hole
  • Medium-high Speed Pick & Placement
  • Software burn to ICs
  • BGA mount
  • Fine Pitch
  • 0201 Component Placement
  • Customized Reflow Profiling
  • Turnkey or Consigned Kits functional testing
  • Press Fit Connectors assembly
  • Double-Sided SMT
  • De-ionized Wash
  • Cable & Harness Assembly
  pcb testing (AOI/ functional) and ageing
We could provide Assembled PCB inspection in optical and functional. Ageing test is also available upon request.

Optical inspection
Aiketon does 100% optical inspection. It is a crucial process to find and identify defects before in-circuit or final testing. The methodology applied includes AOI system and manual inspection.

Functional Inspection
This is an in-circuit test which is basically designed to detect manufacturing process faults quickly. During the inspection, testing kits are built to simulate the actual working flow but the reaction is simplified into quick and easily detectable signal. We are able to build the kits by ourselves based on customer requirement . Customer is also welcome to provide their own.

Ageing test
Temperature and humidity cycling can be designed for accelerated aging of parts, electronics, and other components to help screen out bad samples and reduce premature field failures. It is considered a popular test to measure the reliability of the assembled PCB.

  Box product assembly, testing and packaging
Integrated services are available after the PCB assembly. They include:

  • finished product assembly
  • testing
  • packaging
  • consultation on custom clearance and commodity inspection
  • warranty services

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